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98mm ST dental zirconia ceramic blocks
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98mm ST dental zirconia ceramic blocks

Item:   98mm ST dental zirconia ceramic blocks
Article No.:  ST02001
Dimensions:  98mm
Package:  1pc/box
Description:  Super translucent dental zirconia blocks

[Technical Facts]

Pre-sintering Density:≥2.95g/cm3

Post-sintering Density:≥6.08g/cm3

Post-sintering Hardness:Hv10≥12.5Gpa

Post-sintering Flexural Strength :> 1100Mpa

Sintering Shrinkage: 19% - 22%

Pre-sintering Solubility:≤2000ug ·cm  -2

Post-sintering Solubility:≤100ug·cm -2

Radioactivity of uranium-238 per unit mass:≤0.2Bq·g-1


[Product Feature]

  • Select the best raw materials
  • Suitable for most of the open system CAD/CAM milling system and manual system
  • Perfect BC (biocompatibility)
  • More accurate scaling factor
  • Imagination permeability coloring, not only stay on surface
  • Strength and translucent better than any other similar products.
  • Easy to cut, no porcelain breakage, less scraps
  • High translucent (HT) and super translucent (ST) are available.
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